When Life Gives You πŸ‹



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This summer I fell in love

In love with life

In love with art over and over

In love with Venice Beach

In love with my new apartment

This summer I also experienced “losses”: “losing” friends, “losing” my downtown LA apartment, “losing” jobs…

But, When Life Gives You Lemons

You make lemonade

And all of these Β “loses” gave me ultimate freedom

It made my life sweeter

Sweet like lemonade

Recently, I’ve been inspired by the color yellow. It’s all over the city it seems. Paint on the sidewalks, buildings popping up downtown with yellow balconies, yellow taxis that wait at night under yellow street lights. Scrolling through instagram is a field of yellow sunflowers, August’s favorite flower. However, nobody loves yellow more than my roommate. I’m pretty sure that If we could paint all of the walls, floors, furniture, etc with yellow, she would. Nothing would stop her.

So I decided I needed a little bit of this happiness color in my life too. I found this criss-cross lemon bralette/top at urban outfitters ON SALE. (Yeah, my favorite words too.) I believe it was less than $10 too, which makes my face πŸ™‚

I was more excited than someone with an actual glass of lemonade… probably because they wish they had an Arnold Palmer instead. My boyfriend looked at me and said “We get it… you’re vegan.”

*Can’t find the link to the top, but urban has this cute lemon romper still


*AND this adorable lemon cooler bag


Let me know what you think of this trend, stay sweet :*

xo kyra

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