The Blonde Transition | Summer to Fall in Three Steps

“Invest in your hair. It’s the crown you never take off.”

As blondes, we know that by the end of the summer your hair shade could be used as inspiration for a third place trophy. Brozed. As. Hell. *sigh* Personally, I wait for an end of summer full highlight fix with a toning wash. My stylist is an angel 😇 She works out of Beverly Hills and keeps my highlight so cheap! $75 for a full highlight?!


I’ll leave her contact info at the bottom for LA locals, but for those of you who are looking  to fix up your blonde without the cost- here are some great first steps

1. Conditioning Toner

I have used this for a few years and I promise it’s my holy grail. It was recommended to me by my stylist in San Francisco to freshen up my color every few weeks. You can apply it yourself. It says on the bottle that you should use gloves, but I haven’t had any trouble by washing into my hair while showering. Using it every two weeks keeps your hair ashy and SO SHINY. It’s magic in a bottle. It’s Fabulouso 😉



2. Tone at Home

WARNING if you’re not careful you might look as gray as your grandmother. Not that I’ve done that… *maybe*. Wellllllll, last autumn I *may* have purchased the wrong processor and my hair was well… *maybe* a disaster. So, be aware while shopping. Besides the risk, this is an awesome option for your bank account. And this means more food and clothes for you. If you have hair coloring supplies, I believe it’s only $6-$7 for the color and process. $11-$15 if you need a coloring bowl and a brush.

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 6.52.50 PM,default,pd.html



3. Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner

Fix the problem by AVOIDING the problem?! Yesssss. My favorite blonde shampoo is BedHead’s Dumb Blonde shampoo, and currently, Rusk conditioner. The BedHead duo however, has never good to me. Put yellow conditioner on your hair after you tone it? Say what. Rusk is an equally light colored conditioner to match the BedHead shampoo. Keep it light ✌





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